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About the Camp

Electric Wonderland is a 7-day international maker/hacker camp in Croatia combining art, technology, culture and science with DIY (do-it-youself), DIWO (do-it-with-others), DITO (do-it-together) cultures.

International and domestic guests are invited to teach, collaborate or do a residence during the camp, BUT the participants of the camp can also take their part in leading workshops, facilitating OFF the Grid Labs, guiding a hiking or field trips, or do what they think might be interesting to the camp participants. Lectures, presentations and public small talks around the campfire are also an important part of the program, as well as mini ambient sound performances, installations and spontaneous jamming. We also do night skywatching.


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~ masterclass ~

Building a Geodesic DomePeron 8 (HR)

We are building in 2023 a real dwelling in the form of a geodesic dome to sustain within the location of Camp Velebit for many editions of the Electric Wonderland camp. The scope of the dome is 7,5m and cca 4m high. The dome is prepared and partially built before the beginning of our camp, meaning it will be finished and opened on the second day of EW2023. After that, activities will be moved and set-up in the dome. If you apply for this masterclass you will get a unique opportunity to learn how to build a concrete dome and take part in the activities of setting it up.

~ workshop ~

CircuitCircle workshopAlwin Weber

CircuitCircle workshop offers an opportunity to solder a wide range of DIY synthkits (Screamo, LDRerror, TouchSynth, etc.) and also some sound modules for circuit bending (Delay, Loopmodules). You can learn how to solder, build your own little noise setup with this combination of kits and he will show you how to use your noise toys in a proper way. Afterwards people can jam together and perform in the participant orchestra. So stay tuned for some funky and weird DIY experience.

~ laboratory ~

CircB3ndLabAlwin Weber

Circuit bending is the creative customization of the circuits within electronic devices such as low-voltage, battery-powered guitar effects, children's toys, digital synthesizers or any device to create new musical or visual instruments/device/electronic monster or sound generators.
During the camp you can bring your desired object/toy/instrument and try to circuit bent it. If you are stuck somewhere in the process, there are people you can ask about the bent you should do.

~ workshop ~

Radionica ZapesynthnicaMonika Pocrnjić

Zapesynthnica is a synthesizer on a bracelet. "Stepped-tone generator" is the official name of the synthesizer based on the 555 chip, and its author Forrest Mims called it the "Sound Synthesizer" in 1982, later it got the name by which most people know it today: the Atari punk console. It is an old idea in a new form. You will make a wearable sound system that is simple to make, but can provide hours of fun thanks to the possibility of controlling it with light. A wonderful journey both for those who are taking their first steps into the world of DIY sound synthesizers, and for those who, with its cv inputs, will connect it to a modular synthesizer.

~ playground ~

Video Mixing PlaygroundTomislav Tukša

Mini cabinet where we will play and explore video mixing with some retro technology with analogue and digital VJ-ing in the evenings. If you have some equipment you want to repair, dismantle or hack feel free to bring it with you.

~ workshop ~

LetsPrintOurselves!Eva Badanjak

Screen Printing technique is popular because it represents the do-it-yourself philosophy of printing. It is used for printing posters, clothing and various materials in the non-commercial industry or underground scene. Participants will go through all the stages necessary to get the finished product: technical preparation - preparation of printing equipment; sieve preparation, creative preparation - selection and production of motifs for printing, paints and emulsions, printing - selection of materials (textiles, T-shirts, bags) and the whole printing process with inks and emulsions up to the screen cleaning stage.

~ workshop ~

Illusion boxPaula Bučar

At the workshop participants will create light objects - dioramas that will be illuminated with LEDs. Dioramas are made of paper according to the design of the participants. It looks like a theater box whose scene consists of a series of plans, or layers of cut silhouettes and creates the illusion of depth. Museums and educational institutions still use dioramas to depict historical events, natural habitats, and scientific concepts. It is a form of visual storytelling in the history of art and entertainment.

~ workshop ~

Low-code GUIs, no.1Goran Mahovlić

How to use use Envox EEZ Studio for fancy platform independent LVGL GUIs. The EEZ Studio is an open source cross-platform modular visual low-code development tool and SCPI controller for EEZ BB3 T&M chassis and EEZ H24005 programmable power supply and other T&M devices that support SCPI from manufacturers such as Keysight, Rigol, Siglent, etc. With new features we can build some fancy GUIs that are platform independent. In this workshop Goran will show us a host to set up EEZ Studio and create some simple GUI.

~ walk ~

Foraging WalkVito Menjak

In this walk we will explore together common plants for survival food or DIY household chemicals. What is foraging? Foraging is the act of gathering useful plants as wild food or its use for creating colors, soaps, detergents, etc. For sure it gained far greater popularity in recent years, for our distant ancestors, hunters and gatherers, foraging would simply have been a way of life – a necessity in fact.

~ workshop ~

Cryptography/Privacy/Hacking 101Igor Brkić

Let's talk about cryptography, from the early days to the modern encryption techniques. This will be a casual lecture where you can find out everything you ever wanted to know about encryption, secure online communication, certificates, digital signatures, end-to-end encryption and online privacy. We'll also touch on some hacking techniques for breaking into systems. No previous knowledge about the topic is needed.

~ playground ~

Web LabLayla Munitić & Damir Prizmić

This lab playground is dedicated to web related things like improving Electric Wonderland website, Radiona website and microsites, creating and editing Wikipedia articles, social media accounts and all websites related to organization’s activity and projects.

~ workshop ~

Ultimate Food HackingAna Stuparić & Mitja Greifoner

On the 7-day workshop entitled ‘Ultimate Food Hacking – On the Frontiers of Citizen Food Science’ participants will learn how to hack natural food and flavours making only the best recipes. The workshop leaders will guide its participants through the processes of natural preparation of the food (meat, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free) with an aim of preparing a lunch and dinner for the camp participants. Each day will have its covered topics and colours to be served on the table. The aim of the workshop is to present diverse ways of food hacking, flavour mixing, the use of spices from nature and to teach you to cook if this is your first time.


A hacktonaut is a person interested in matters of make shifting and reverse engineering, using high and low technology. Hence, hacktonautics is the art of navigating and tinkering through DIY, DIWO, and DITO approaches to the cultures of making and hacking (non-)electronic devices and objects, as well as creating them. It also includes citizen science and innovation through smart and meaningful improvisation techniques.

Alwin Weber (DE)


[he/him] a.k.a. “StöRenfrieD” is a German musician and artist based in Dresden. He´s experimenting with sounds since 2001 and started with circuit bending in 2007. The Result of his hacking process was the 2009 founded workshop and concert series called “CircuitCircle”. Since then he's performing loads of DIY electronic workshops, concerts and installations all over Europe.

Ivona Eterović aka tonota


[she/her] A producer, composer, guitarist, synth player, and psychologist. As a solo artist and collaborator, Ivona seeks to create introspective music with a strong emotional charge, often blending mainstream and experimental music to show that art can be for everyone. Her work as a music producer and composer combines elements of ambient and bass music with field recording and digital sound design finding inspiration in experimental club music, hip hop, pop music and contemporary art.

Ana i Mislav Cvetko


[she/her, he/him] They are working independently and in collaboration with other authors, on their own projects and products, as well as on client projects. They operate within the Peron8 Association in a wide range of activities, which are based on product, its formation and creation.The association PERON 8 deals with developing and encouraging knowledge, innovation and practical implementation in design, art and architecture.

Monika Pocrnjić (SI)


[she/her] Intermedia artist. She works in the fields of do-it-yourself (DIY) electronics, drawing and puppet theatre. In her work, she focuses on concepts such as object as interface, robotic theater and the role of technologies in the modern world. In her works of art, she uses and combines various methods, media and techniques, including 3D technologies, hacking and creative coding. She displays these objects in performative events or theater performances.

Lenart Ivančič (SI)


[he/him] For the last 5 years, Lenart has been creating props for film and commercials scenography. He is skilled in working with various materials. Lenart lives and works on the route Ljubljana-Zagreb. When he’s not working - he climbs, cooks, and travels. And he fishes or tries to.

Kathrin Witteler (DE)


[she/her] Restorer of monuments and murals and in this sense always interested in different materials and techniques. Since she discovered her love for soldering and DIY synthesizers, she tries to combine the organic with the electronic. Crochet and knots go wonderfully with knobs. As part of the Dresden based METAKNOTEN collective for a few years she also helps with the organization and realization of festivals and events in the multimedia field.

Paula Bučar


[she/her] Art education graduate at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. She organizes exhibitions and art workshops, but mostly her expression is on the area of installations, theatre set and light design. Paula has had several solo exhibitions and many group exhibitions. She experiments with different materials and media covering traditional arts techniques.

Deborah Hustić


[she/her] Media artist, curator and leader of Radiona. Deborah is into hybrid arts, sound art and educational development supporting the STEAM concept. Regularly runs workshops on creative electronics, eTextile and design thinking for children, youth and adults. She has performed, lectured and exhibited in Croatia and abroad.

Igor Brkić


[he/him] Electrical engineer and maker who has specialised in the area of digital processing of audio signals. He has created many robotic and electronic solutions for museums, exhibitions, theatre productions in Croatia and abroad as well as for television broadcasts. Has been leading numerous workshops over the past 9 years.

Eva Badanjak


[she/her] (a.k.a MODROZELENA) is a musician and composer who is also doing graphic design and illustrations. Born, lives and works in Zagreb. Main interests: posters, silkscreen print, diy electronics, synthesizers, guitar effects, woods, vegetables, long walks with a dog… Projects: XZEN (Žen), Cabinet of Delicious Wonders, Živ Žar Žur, Sataraxz.She presented her designs on many exhibitions in Croatia.

Damir Prizmić


[he/him] Freelance designer working in a wide area of disciplines. From visual communication design, exhibition design, interaction and new-media installations and concepts to the product design and educational tools. He is active in the field of education and promotion of open-source culture, and regularly exhibits and leads workshops in Croatia and abroad.

Goran Mahovlić


[he/him] Maker and hacker working in the areas of smart city technology LoRaWan and FPGA. In his work he promotes accessible and open internet and is the founder of Radiona’s SmartZG network. Goran has led a number of accomplished workshop in Croatia and abroad, and he exhibits his work within Radiona’s program.

Ana Horvat


[she/her] Composer and teacher of electronic composition. Ana Horvat writes acoustic and electro-acoustic compositions, music for installations, film and performances, and is coauthor of several art installations. She is particularly interested in bringing together different areas of art and has been regularly collaborating with other artists and developers.

Matej Domladovac


[he/him] This year he enrolled in Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture in Zagreb. He was working for two years as educator and development of children's learning products for electronics and computing and is interested in robotics. Member of Radiona since 2019.

Marija Banjedvorec


[she/her] Master of Primary Education who loves DIY culture. Attended music school for piano and opera singing. Long time member of the RADIONA, passionate choir singer and practitioner of archery. Recently the mother of two best in the world black cats and a lover of gardening. In free time having fun with crocheting, sewing, drawing, and enjoying arts and crafts in general.

Jurica Zrna


[he/him] An engineer by profession and passion, always seeking new ways to improve things. Incompetent (but determined) developer constantly on lookout for new and exciting challenges to put on endless list of future projects. Whatever it is, let’s do it... tomorrow.

Tomislav Mikić


[he/him] Tomislav is a freshman at the Faculty of Science in Zagreb, majoring in Environmental Sciences. He is interested in anything related to hardware from old school logic chips to modern FPGAs. He has done a few software projects for his Athletic club. Other than his love for hardware and software, he adores nature hence why he chose to major in Environmental Sciences.

Zdravko Popović


[he/him] All-rounder, anarchist, feminist, emeritus student of philosophy and anthropology, lover of all kinds of visual media. He is active for more than 25 years in the local cable TV production and audio-visual media in Zagreb. Zdravko runs complex video and audio workshops for implementing OBS software with many other features necessary for video production.

Vito Menjak


[any] An amateur disciplinary artist, primarily focusing on visual, conceptual and performance art. A computer technician by profession, and planning to study biotechnology in university, science is another big interest and most of their current work is based on the intersection between the two. A self described jack of all trades, they spend free time trying out new things to DIY and repair.

Tomislav Zidar


[he/him] Jewelry and installation designer, visual artist for more than twenty years. He exhibited his works at a number of art festivals and fairs and in galleries in Croatia and abroad. He likes to shut himself up with a cup of tea in his studio and create robotic creatures from discarded technology that then continue their lives in the hands of many satisfied lucky people.

Tomislav Tukša


[he/him/zij/zim] A queer dreamer, science lover, singer and AV production expert. SLP by trade. He has been taking apart devices since he was in kindergarten, and in elementary school he started programming and studying electronics so that he could make his own projects. Tomi is no stranger to digging into AV hardware and software tools. He is organizing events for the queer & neurodivergent community and he loves to jam on analog synthesizers.

Ana Stuparić


[she/her] Culinary expert and a professional chef, profiled in vegan and vegetarian cuisine, and cuisine for people with special dietary needs. She specializes in creating menus and recipes, as well as running a kitchen and organizing culinary workshops. She has numerous collaborations with organizations that promote personal development, holistic living and yoga. Ana is the president of the Avocado Association for the Promotion of Plant Nutrition and Environmental Awareness.

Layla Munitić


[she/her] Graduated in Communication and Philosophy at the University of Zagreb. Layla deals with web and UX design, video and sound editing, photography, as well as organizing festivals and events. She actively participates in building communities and initiatives related to urban gardens and citizen participation in Rijeka. She is a long-time member of Radiona and likes to solder and make DIY synthesizers and diverse buzzers.

Camp Guardians



A badger named Ori, mascot and spirit animal of the Radiona organization.


Kamp Velebit

Baške Oštarije, Croatia



The participants are kindly asked to join the camp on 22 July and partake all seven days of the camp. Drop-ins will not be allowed. Spoken languages will be Croatian and English.


Accommodation is provided in wooden Hobbit houses for 4, 5, 7 up to 11 beds. The participants can also bring their own tents. Facilities include in-house toilets, in-house and outside showers, in-house kitchen and outside kitchen.


Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided by the camp staff. Please contact us in advance if there is a need for a specific type of diet.


We advise the participants to bring warm clothes because the nights can be rather cold during nights in this part of Croatia in July. Hiking boots and clothes are also recommended.


Please take note that the insurance is not covered by the camp. The participants should bring their own health insurance cards or travel insurance. The participants from the EU are advised to bring their European Health Insurance Card.


This is an eco-friendly camp. The goals will be to reduce waste as much as possible, use water and energy responsibly and buy groceries from local farms. The surrounding nature will be the perfect motivation for all of us.

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Organisation team

Program coordinator and AIR guests: Deborah Hustić
Program coordination and AIR logistics: Goran Mahovlić, Paula Bučar, Vito Menjak, Zdravko Popović
Camp logistics on-site: Tomislav Zidar, Tomislav Tukša
Camp facilities on the behalf of Kamp Velebit: Luka Žuženić, Nikolina Žuženić
Coordinator for equipment & tools: Damir Prizmić, Igor Brkić
Technical coordination: Goran Mahovlić, Damir Prizmić, Deborah Hustić, Ana Horvat, Paula Bučar
Coordinators for kitchen & food: Vito Menjak, Ana Horvat
Transport Coordination: Tomislav Zidar
Chef: Ana Stuparić (Association Avokado)
Design: Ivan Klisurić & Damir Prizmić
Website: 💀
Website Cover Photo: Vincent Guth (Unsplash)
Photo documentation: Tomislav Mikić
Video, streaming: Zdravko Popović, Tomislav Tukša
Internet facilities: Igor Brkić